A 1980’s disco reunion was held in our Waynflete Hall. Over 500 people attended, most of whom were ex-students who had come together from all over the world to reunite again. Special guests were the famous Adamski and ex-teacher Steve Cushing returned to the DJ booth. The organisers also held an auction which raised £1,821, auctioning off 1980 pop memorabilia donated by such acts as Coldplay, Heaven 17, Erasure, ABC (to name but a few). The auctioneer for this was Mark Stacey from Bargain Hunt. An astonishing £10,000 overall was raised for Rehabilitation Programmes at EVE Refuge in Northampton, their chosen charity. Credit goes to Jenny Laughlin, Kelly Gavanagh, Liese Coates, Richard Pearce, Richard Cooper, Chris Saggers, Jason Timms, Heather B Wood, Karen Jackson, Kiel Shaw and our ex-students for organising and hosting this fantastic event! A brilliant outcome for everybody involved!