Magdalen College School Brackley was originally the Hospital of St. James and St. John which was originally founded in 1150 by Robert le Bossu. In 1484 the site was given to Magdalen College (Oxford) and in 1548 Magdalen College School’s Founder Thomas Godwin, brought students from Magdalen College Oxford to Brackley to avoid the plague and officially converted the “Chantry” into a “School”.

Magdalen College School Brackley incorporates one of the largest and oldest school chapels in the UK. Originally built in 1150, in 1669 the chapel roof was stripped and the lead was sold, after which it into “ruine”. Over the course of the next two hundred years, the chapel was renovated fell into disuse and was renovated again several times. Since the last major restoration however (in 1869–1870 by Buckeridge), the chapel has been in regular use by MCS students and the local community.